About us

Looking for untypical IT/ICT Partner?
Our company is a team of practiced experts with rich and many years’ experience within IT sector.
We belive that there are no ideas, which could not be realized. Over the years, many times we’ve blazed a trails which today are considered as norm. We are not afraid of challenges – we realize them.

  • several years experience in creating and development of IT projects,
  • team of highly skilled professionals (e.g. IT, law, risk, management, marketing, etc.),
  • access to the world of science (knowledge and involvement of experts, ability to create consortiums, the whole background, students),
  • several years experience in creating and commercialization of innovative ventures (including international),
  • full administrative, technical and technological infrastructure.


Production and IT projects:

  • Communication and working in distance,
  • Interactive WWW platforms,
  • Interactive WWW platforms,
  • Server-client type systems,
  • Cloud computing,
  • Business intelligence.

Technological Partner:

This offer is directed to organizations which are looking for:

  • proven in practice,
  • reliable and responsible,
  • experienced and honest,

partner, specialized in innovative ICT/IT projects with professional technical infrastructure and experts’ knowledge.

Experts’ activities:

  • Consultancy for IT/ICT innovations,
  • Management in innovations,
  • Analysis and reports concerning the management, risk, technology and innovation,
  • Commercialization of scientific researches results.

R&D interests:

Sciences of economy and management in the following aspects:

  • Innovative management of a company using the knowledge and advanced IT supporting tools,
  • Mechanism of modern marketing management in context of global economy,
  • Human resources management (using: partnership, positive motivation, development of interpersonal relations, etc.),
  • Meaning and power of innovation as a chance for Polish companies,
  • Overcoming the difficulties in the process of scientific research commercialization.